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About my charming friend.

To me , have a friend of a professional comic artist .
Her name is Kamon Mineko.
Cartoon of rock musicians whom drawn by her is the excellent , it’s extremely popular the person who was drawn .
In facebook, ( In fact , I forgot to who is ) a musician said

“My sweet Mineko,”

And I discovered the greatness of her , and then it was very envious .
Caricatures Mineko ‘s draw is the best, and she polished the gift of talent .
But I envy her a really . Yes , I confess .

Mineko ‘s is a straight, pure , and she do not lie to yourself .
I love such Mineko ‘s .

Mineko ‘s , went to the airport send-off of the famous musicians who guest appearance in concert in Japan the other day,
she ran up to him , and he gave her a kiss .
He knew that she isn’t one of groupie fans enthusiastic .
In other words , I think that he had the eyes to see through the essence of Mineko ‘s .
He is the truely artist she has continued to love for many years indeed .

I’m a fan of some artists, in various direction.
Well , I think I would like to get acquainted with its people .
But I should not be excessive behavior that causes the unpleasant experiences.
I am not to be imitating Mineko ‘s , but respect her spirit ,and I wanna follow her.